Welcome To The Beach

Welcome to the world’s best beaches, a site in which we will document some of the world’s most stunning beaches. The obvious candidates all feature here, palm-fringed South East Asian beaches, stretches of Goan shoreline and Caribbean paradises.

It’s not all about hot weather and sunshine though, cooler climates host locations which may be less visited but which for that very reason make them some of the most amazing locations on the planet. The picture below is Sandwood Bay in Scotland, an often deserted beach which is situated on Scotland’s rugged West coast.

Sandwood Bay is, in fact, often regarded as Scotland’s best beach and one that it takes an effort on behalf of the visitor to reach. It requires a drive to an isolated location followed by a long walk to reach the beach. Then of course you have to walk back again afterwards. Reaching the beach will however reward the explorer with astonishing views, whatever the weather, not to mention a photogenic sea stack just offshore. Scotland has hundreds of coastal locations such as these, England and Wales have hundreds more and that’s just one small group of countries.

We visit and feature beaches from all over the world; of course we like the sunny, quiet ones but we also know that the busy city beaches offer attractions of their own. They’re generally easy to get to and the nearby streets are often lined with bars, cafes and restaurants if you need a drink or an evening destination. Just tell yourself “I Want That Flight” and make the journey, you won’t regret it.

The top 10 part of the domain name is just to get your attention, there’s really no limit to the number of world class beaches we write about. Please check back soon!


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